Cuba grants tax benefits for self-employed workers

Cuba grants tax benefits for self-employed workersHAVANA, Jan 9th (PL) In the current year, Cuban authorities offer tax benefits to workers outside the state production system, official sources reported today.

A report by the Cuban News Agency (ACN) said today that self-employed workers with two or more children under the age of 17, who meet certain requirements, will enjoy a 50 percent reduction in personal income tax.

This is materialized in their Sworn Statement (DJ), in the current fiscal year; it was reiterated in the text.

Covered in Resolution No. 26 of February 2017, of the Ministry of Finance and Prices, this measure establishes tax credits for these women, taking into account the economic income of their family nucleus.

Such procedure was established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Before the tax administration office of their tax domicile, the self-employed who contribute to the general taxation regime will request in writing the aforementioned reduction of the tax on their personal income corresponding to 2017.

This refers to the amount that must be paid in the current year from this Monday on.

From the presentation of the application, the office has 30 calendar days to respond in writing to the self-employed female worker, as established by the regulation.

Another benefit to these workers is the reduction, by 50 percent, of their monthly payments as an advance on account of the tax on their personal income.

These facilities are part of the measures approved by Cuba with the aim of stimulating fertility.

In the Campaign of Affidavit (DJ) and Payment of Taxes of 2018 about 180,000 Cubans are called to pay the tax on their personal income. Of this number, 145,000 appear as self-employed workers.

Artists, creators and support staff of the culture sector; social communicators, designers, journalists, and those who work in foreign branches will also participate in this exercise, which will culminate on April 30.