Cuba and France Sign Important Intergovernmental Scientific Agreement

HAVANA, Feb 18th  (PL) Cuban and French authorities signed today in this capital the intergovernmental agreement ”Hubert Curien -Carlos J. Finlay”, to strengthenthe scientific cooperation between the two countries.

The first Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment, Antonio Carricarte; and the Ambassador of France in Cuba, Jean-Marie Bruno, oficialized the creation of this new instrument enabling co-financing French and Cuban scientific projects.

The program is designed to support the mobility of researchers from both parties and to submit studies to the assessment this year, soon published a call on Campus France platform, by the French part, and Mincex on the Cuban side.

National commissions selected the priority projects of the two countries, and a binational commission will validate them; the intergovernmental agreement will facilitate the mobility of researchers for a period of two years.

Bruno stressed the importance of this agreement, which was considered as a form of continued in the field of scientific cooperation that includes different sectors as health, biotechnologies and sciences and humanistic aspects.

Scientific cooperation is one of the priorities in the fFrench and Cuban bilateral relations and this new program will allow creating the foundations for future collaborations in other frameworks that generate more exchange and more investments from both sides, said the French diplomat.