Cuba received more money from Venezuela in 17 years than from the Soviet Union in 30

Cuba received more money from Venezuela in 17 years than from the Soviet Union in 30HAVANA, Feb. 28 Venezuela has given Cuba more money in 17 years than the Soviet Union gave to the island in three decades.

Professor Clive Foss, of the University of Georgetown, assures that the Cuban state reached an estimated debt in 18,300 million dollars with the USSR, because he sold him the expensive sugar and bought the cheap oil.

But his estimate is far from other calculations that say that Cuba maintained a debt with the defunct USSR valued at 30,000 million dollars and this was picked up by ABC in 2013. The official figure would be around 35,200 million, according to the BBC and Expansión published. in 2014, Vladimir Putin forgave 90% of the debt to the Cuban state with his country, so that Cuba will only have to pay 3.5 billion to Russia.

Orlando Zamora, an expert with the Central Bank of Venezuela, former head of the Foreign Exchange Division, argues that the governments of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro have given Fidel and Raúl Castro around 40,000 million dollars in 17 years. This is how collects it in an article dedicated to the economic dependence of Cuba and how the Island has contributed to the sinking of the Venezuelan economy.

Between 2000 and 2017, Venezuela allocated 54,969 million dollars in oil to different countries. Almost one third of this amount was exclusively for Cuba as payment to doctors, athletes, among other services that the island sold to Chavez.

Only in 2003, Cuba received 4,000 million dollars for the work of 20,000 doctors from the Barrio Adentro Mission in Venezuela. Also for the sale of supplies and drugs, Cubanet collects.

To this we must add that in 2010 Venezuela supported the expansion of the port of Cienfuegos and donated equipment and materials to the island. Chávez also paid for the submarine telecommunications cable that connects Cuba with Venezuela and that cost around 70 million dollars.