Cuba considering a dozen Mexican investment projects

havana-live-CUBA-MÉXICO-BANDERASHAVANA, Nov 4 (acn) Cuba´s First Deputy minister of Foreign Trade and Investment, Antonio Carricarte, said that more than 12 Mexican investment projects are being considered by Cuban authorities with hopefully positive results.

Speaking at Havana´s International Trade Fair, the Cuban official said the investment proposals include projects in different Cuban territories, including the Mariel Special Development Zone, the fist one of its kind on the island.

The official praised the granting of credits by Mexican institutions to the island and the active cooperation of the Mexican investment promotion agency.

Over 60 Mexican companies are participating at the Havana fair to explore new business opportunities and this includes representatives from the entrepreneurial community of the Mexican region of Yucatan, whose trade exchange with Cuba in 2014 registered noticeable increase.

Thus far, eight foreign investment projects have been approved by Cuban authorities to be implemented at the Mariel Special Development Zone with two of them being Mexican.