Cuba borrows 100 million euros from India

Cuba borrows 100 million euros from India

HAVANA June 28th , Exim Bank of India has extended a loan of 100 100 million (equivalent to $ 105.8 million) to Cu ba.

The agreement was signed between a foreign bank in Cuba and an Asian bank in the framework of a political consultative meeting in Havana. India and Saurabh Kumar attended.

The Cuban Agency for News (ACN) reports that Kaprisas and Kumar held talks in which they acknowledged the positive state of bilateral relations and acknowledged the vast opportunities for “strengthening economic, trade, financial and cooperative relations” between Cuba and India.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the island outlined the role that the Asian nation can play in the development of the identified sectors in the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry also noted the exchanges between Deputy Foreign Minister Anianci Rodriguez and his Indian counterpart Saurabh Kumar, in recognition of their intention to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the fields of health, biotechnology, renewable energy resources, agriculture, telecommunications, and sports. And education.

At the meeting, they discussed coping with the epidemic and economic recovery and support in international forums.

India is one of Cuba’s top 20 trading partners in the Asia and Oceania region and has provided significant loans to implement projects in the agricultural and renewable energy sectors.

It has sent donations to mitigate the damage caused by Hurricane Irma in Cuba in 2017 and agricultural equipment to enhance bilateral cooperation.

The President of the Republic of India Ramnath Govind is touring Cuba in 2018 with an agenda marked by cooperation in the field of health, including the signing of four Memoranda of Understanding in the fields of Biotechnology, Traditional Medicine and Renewable Energy. EFE