Cuba attracts tourists in multi-destination packages with Cancun and the DR

Cuba attracts tourists in multi-destination packages with Cancun and the DR

HAVANA, Feb. 2nd. Multi-destination packages with charter flights to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Cancun are increasingly being promoted by Caribbean travel agencies and tour operators such as Viajes Bojórquez and Enjoy Travel Group. The recovery of Caribbean destinations in 2022 was indeed nearly complete, except for Cuba, which remains well below 2019 levels.

On the other hand, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico outnumbered pre-pandemic visitors, while Colombia was very close to reaching full recovery. Cuba has far fewer tourists than it did before the covid-19 travel restrictions.

It was close to the 1.7 million targets in 2022, and by 2023, it expects 3.5 million visitors, a far higher figure than in 2019.

“Cancun is experiencing rapid growth. Even though many people thought it might be affected by the visa issue with some countries, this stage was never in sight. This year, the Mexican Caribbean is growing with more hotels, such as multi-destination trips with Cuba and the Dominican Republic,” said Armando Bojórquez, CEO of Viajes Bojórquez, to Reportur. mx.

Meanwhile, Enjoy Travel Group will transport approximately 30 groups in 2022. According to the wholesale operator, which is based in Barcelona and also has an office in Cancun, India, Asia, and the Emirates are all very interested in visiting Cuba.

.“Our evolution is a company that has been in Cuba for 20 years. Last year, we launched a charter service between Mexico and Cuba with nine weekly frequencies, five from Cancun, two from Mexico City, and two from Mérida.

As a result of its success, we opened an incoming office in Cancun,” said Jordi Castelló, vice president of Enjoy Travel Group.