Cuba applies “discounts” to its travel package to increase Russian tourism

Cuba aplica “descuentos” a su paquete de viajes para aumentar el turismo ruso

HAVANA, June 5  The Cuban government, together with the hotel authorities, continues to look for strategies to attract the attention of Russian visitors,and this time it applies “discounts” on travel packages so that this market increases the number of tourists on the island.

According to several Russian tour operators, the discounts on hotel facilities are considerable in some cases, which is why the number of visitors from this allied nation has experienced growth within the same period in 2023.

And the prices of the current season are much more acceptable if we compare them with the summer of 2023. In fact, several hotels have established discounts of up to 45% compared to the last winter season, say the country’s tourist authorities.

“Cuba’s demand this summer season is comparable to that of the same period last year. As in the winter months, in summer the most popular resort in Cuba is Varadero.

Havana-Varadero combined tours are also highly requested. These programs are in especially high demand, as they allow you to combine sightseeing and beach holidays,” confirms the Russian Union of the Travel Industry (RST).

For its part, the flight program to Cuba with the Venezuelan airline Conviasa, operations will continue until October 20, with departures once every 15 days, it remains stable and operated by the Russian travel agency Fun&Sun. This company will “announce its extension” in the long term, due to the stability of demand.

Nearly 185,000 tourists from that country traveled to the Island in 2023, a number 3.4 times higher than in 2022. In an attempt to continue increasing these visits, Havana expects between 200,000 and 230,000 tourists from Russia.

Only in the first four months of this year, 89,300 Russians traveled to the Island, declares Cristina León Iznaga, Tourism Counselor at the Cuban Embassy in Russia.