Cuba aplies initiatives for surveillance and control of coronavirus

Cuba presents second vaccine candidate against Covid for evaluation

HAVANA, Feb 26 (PL) Cuba will soon make available to health professionals and the population an application that can be activated from mobile phones with updated information on COVID-19, which today affects 37 countries initiative is part of the actions for a strict epidemiological surveillance and sanitary control, which keeps the island within and at its borders before the risk of entry of that disease, whose outbreak originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, at the end of last year.

This application will be available on the Informed web site, the network of the Cuban health system, which will offer immediate information about the new global outbreak of this respiratory virus.

Authorities of the Ministry of Health (Minsap) confirmed that the largest island in the Caribbean does not register suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, to which the implementation of a plan directed by that agency and the Civil Defense has contributed, with the participation of others National institutions

Such actions include having a specific diagnosis at the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine, in the face of an epidemic that already recorded in China two thousand 663 deaths and 77 thousand 658 patients affected.

Dr. Francisco Durán García, national director of epidemiology at Minsap, explained that people who come from China, Japan and South Korea and have specific symptoms of the coronavirus have a specific diagnosis, but without isolation.

He clarified that, in particular, travellers arriving from the Asian giant pass through the scanner and the digital thermometer, and even if they do not have a fever or other symptom, they are informed to the primary health care instances of their community to keep watch.

For such controls have been trained workers of Health, Tourism and the General Customs of the Republic, so that they know how to act, what measures to adopt, how to take care of and protect others.

Internationally there are more than two thousand 600 dead and 80 thousand contagions, mostly in China, which shows its extraordinary transmission capacity, but the truth is that it does not have a high lethality rate, that is, the coronavirus kills very few people were infected.

The World Health Organization reported that the lethality rate is between two and four per cent in Wuhan and about 0.7 per cent outside that Chinese city.