`Cuba announces the use of the “Nasalferón” against COVID-19

`Cuba announces the use of the “Nasalferón” against COVID-19

HAVANA, Jan.9th  Cuba began to apply the drug Nasalferon to people who travel to the island and to their families,

a drug that according to Cuban authorities is used to strengthen the immune system. But what about this drug?

According to specialists, this drug is not approved by the FDA in the US to combat or prevent COVID-19.

Dr. Dadilia Garcés, an epidemiologist, says:

“Based on the evidence we do not know if it is fully effective and can give a false impression that you will not get sick and reduce mitigation measures. Their study focused only on the Cuban population, we have no scientific evidence that other nations can be applied to other nationalities or other populations ”.

Nasalferon is recombinant human interferon (IFN) -alpha-2b-compound formula for nasal administration.

Interferon helps the white cells and other cells to the lymphocytes to fight either the infection or the effect of this adverse agent in the body.

According to Dr. Garcés, the medications, when they are administered by spray or nasal route, generally the adverse effects can be minimal, but she clarifies:

“The use of interferons can give effects similar to Covid or Flu or influenza, which is fever, malaise, in general the Interferon acts as if it were attacking the virus. Violating the immune system like that. Interferon has not been allowed to be used in hospitalized Covid patients because it can make the patient worse. “

Many people who have just arrived from Cuba tell us that they do not know about this drug and say they would not use it.

Alberto Tamayo, for his part, says: “I would have to read first what the pros and cons are and then I advance.”

Ricardo Leyva, assures: “I don’t see much security in things in Cuba, currently in Cuba what there is is a mess, everything is well disorganized. I would not use any medicine in Cuba, believe me not ”.

Milianny Santos says: “No, I wouldn’t take any medicine for coronavirus or anything.”

Jorge Armas, from Miami, who is visiting Havana told us: “Because it has side effects and I am asthmatic, I am allergic, I do not know what reaction it can make against my body, I think it would not be appropriate to get that vaccine.”

The government of Havana said that this medicine in drops will be applied first in the capital’s municipalities Boyeros and Diez de Octubre. The relatives of the visitors must begin the treatment three days before the arrival of the traveller to their home.