Cuba announces the creation of a “real-time” registry of sexist murders

Cuba anuncia la creación de un registro en "tiempo real" de asesinatos machistas

HAVANA, Dec. 19  The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) of Cuba will be in charge of carrying out an “administrative registry” that allows information to be collected in real time of the death of women and girls due to sexist violence, state media reported this Sunday.

The proposal for the creation of this registry was presented by the attorney general, Yamila Peña, in the final session of the VII Plenary Session of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC, the only legal one) which during this Friday and Saturday addressed, among other topics, measures to address the growing gender violence on the island.

Peña explained that since 2020, work has been done with “greater intentionality” on these issues from a “comprehensive perspective” that must have “a social focus”, and not be seen as a problem “between and for women.”

The figure of femicides now made public by the authorities rises above that verified by independent feminist platforms, which estimate sexist murders in the country at 80 so far in 2023.

The attorney general also indicated that 75% of these murders occurred in homes shared by couples and that as a result of these crimes, 70 children and adolescents were left motherless.

During the discussion of the issue at the PCC meeting, she revealed that there are currently 9,579 families living in situations of violence, involving 16,116 women and girls.

The majority of women who live in situations of violence are black and mulatto, they have an average of ninth-grade education and a portion of them are unrelated to work or are housewives.