Cuba and Russia commit to a cooperation plan until 2030

Cuba and Russia commit to a cooperation plan until 2030

HAVANA, Nov 2. The governments of Russia and Cuba signed this Wednesday in Moscow a trade and economic cooperation plan until 2030. It plans to promote the growth of bilateral trade and investments.

The document emphasizes commercial, economic and scientific-technical cooperation, as well as seeks to stimulate the growth of trade and investments, as well as strengthen ties between business communities, notes Prensa Latina (PL).It was signed by Deputy Prime Ministers Dmitri Chernishenko and Ricardo Cabrisas, who also examined the bilateral projects.

These include “the construction in Cuba of solar stations, a full-cycle agro-industrial company for the cultivation and processing of sugar cane, the production of fertilizers, as well as various infrastructure.”

“The priority course for the development of bilateral economic relations should be the creation of favorable conditions for Russian investments in the Cuban economy. In this context, much of the work falls on the Intergovernmental Commission ”for economic-commercial and scientific-technical collaboration between the two states, Chernishenko said, according to a statement from his office cited by Sputnik.

60,000 Russian visitors

Russia proposed holding the 21st meeting of the Commission in the second half of February 2024 in Moscow and is now waiting for Cuba’s response, adds the Russian media.

In addition, issues related to tourism development were addressed, when already in the first half of this year more than 60,000 Russians visited Cuba.

With this objective, PL specifies, the Russian Ministry of Transport will increase the number of flights to reach 10 weekly by the end of the year.

In addition to Chernishenko and Cabrisas, the Russian presidential commissioner for the protection of businessmen’s rights, Boris Titov, as well as representatives of several ministries of both countries, participated in the meeting. Also officials from the Central Bank of Cuba, according to Sputnik.

Cuba and Russia have promoted their bilateral relationship in recent years and currently, the Eurasian nation appears as one of Cuba’s top ten trading partners.

Despite these relations, according to observers such as Efe, in 2022 the bilateral trade exchange was only 451 million dollars, a figure that still does not meet the expectations of both Governments.