Cuba and Curacao compete for the title of the V Caribbean Baseball Cup

Cuba y Curazao rivalizan por título de la V Copa del Caribe de Béisbol

HAVANA, Oct 8  With the match for gold between the undefeated Cuba and the challenger Curacao, the V Caribbean Baseball Cup will conclude this Sunday in San Juan, Puerto Rico.The team from the largest island of the Antilles concluded the preliminary phase with a score of 3-0, after beating the United States Virgin Islands (11-1), Curacao (4-0) and Puerto Rico (4-2), for that order.

The Curaçaoans occupied second place in the standings (2-1), after achieving successes over the Puerto Ricans (3-0) and the Virginenses (16-2).

Both finalists starred in the stellar duel of the third edition of the tournament, won by Curacao with a score of 4-3, and the following year the Cubans returned to silver when they fell in the concluding match against Puerto Rico by 4-9.

In places three and four in the standings are now the hosts (1-2) and the Virgin Islands (0-3), who will also play today for the bronze medal.

At the end of the qualifying phase, Cuba led the attack with the best offensive line (AVE/OBP/SLU/ops), leaving averages of 312/440/494/934.

The Cubans also led the pitching with an ERA of 1.05 and barely reached one opponent every two innings.

According to the report of Carlos del Pino, statistician of the Caribbean Baseball Confederation (Cocabe), the defense of both finalists played impeccably in their three games.

The V Caribbean Cup included two rounds using the round-robin system, cross-semi-final and final, but this week’s rainfall in the region forced the organizers to make adjustments to the calendar, which ended in just one round. qualifying round and medal matches.