Cuba among the few countries that manufacture their meteorological radars

HAVANA, 4 Apr.  Cuba is one of the two countries whose meteorological services create their own hardware and software to manufacture radars of the highest performance.

Four months after starting operations, the Casablanca meteorological radar, at the headquarters of the Institute of Meteorology (INSMET), modernized to Doppler technology, works in a stable and highly effective manner.
Telecommunications engineer Pablo Maroto Díaz, the institution’s main specialist, reported that it is a device designed and built by engineers and technicians from the National Radars Center of Camagüey, whose work, in the last 15 years, has been focused on the complete automation of the radar network and its modernization.
As explained by Maroto Díaz, the Casablanca team is the first serial example of the meteorological radar with Doppler technology achieved in the country, and its characteristics place it at the level of the best in the international market.
He emphasized that only seven entities in the world create their own hardware and software to manufacturing such high-performance meteorological radars, and of these, only two are meteorological services, the Met Office of Great Britain and INSMET.
This capacity guarantees total technological independence when it comes to repairing, modifying or improving equipment properties and replaces imports, said Maroto Díaz.