Cuba allocates multimillion budget to fight Covid-19

Cuba allocates multimillion budget to fight Covid-19

HAVANA, Aug 5 (PL) Cuba has so far used more than a billion pesos in the fight against Covid-19, a considerable figure in the midst of the world crisis, exacerbated in Cuba by the blockade imposed by the United StatesThe data, released by the Minister of Finance and Prices, Meisi Bolaños, shows that saving lives is the priority of the authorities and should, therefore, constitute a call for discipline and social responsibility in order to avoid higher expenses and preserve health.

Although infections in the country had reached almost zero, the number of patients has grown again in recent days and, as a consequence, the cost of the pandemic has also increased for Cuba, whose enemies insist on suffocating it economically.

Since the emergence of the coronavirus, Cuba closed its doors to international tourism, its main source of income, but it conceived all the budgetary support based on the health of its citizens, the Minister of Finance stressed during her appearance in the national television.

As she pointed out, the billion pesos of the state budget are destined for isolation centers, hospitals, transfer of patients and other actions related to the fight against Covid-19.

The vice president of the government of Havana, Yanet Hernandez, had spoken previously of the country’s economic efforts to guarantee medical care to its citizens, despite the economic siege that Washington maintains over Cuba.

In line with this, the official said that only the PCR tests carried out until last month in the capital, the province with the highest number of infected, have cost the State three million pesos.