Cuba achieves record figure in Premium cigars sales

Cuba's legendary hand-rolled cigars post record sales in 2021

HAVANA, May 11  The International Corporation Habanos S.A., informed that it broke all sales records of Premium cigars by earning 568 million dollars in 2021 for that concept

 This figure is in line with authorities’ efforts to boost Cuba’s tobacco industry with the leadership of Premium (handmade) cigars.

This figure represents a 15-percent growth in that indicator compared to the previous year (2020).

When releasing its 2021 report on Tuesday, Habanos S.A. pointed out that these data reflect the solid path it has taken, in spite of the crisis generated by Covid-19.

Last year, the company surpassed the 500-million-dollar mark for sales of such cigars worldwide, a historic record for this category that shows the enormous potential of the business, the note stressed.

Executives from Habanos S.A. are very proud to lead the Premium cigar category and to continue growing despite the situations experienced in the last two years.

That idea was expressed by the corporation’s co-presidents, Inocente Nuñez Blanco and Luis Sanchez-Harguindey Pardo de Vera.

In the ranking by countries, Habanos, S.A.’s top five markets in terms of sales were Spain, China, Germany, France and Switzerland.

Spain and China were once again the most important markets. By regions, Europe remains Habanos S.A.’s major market, with 59 percent of sales, followed by Asia Pacific (16), the Americas (14), and Africa and the Middle East (11).

The company’s commercial vice-president, Leopoldo Cintra, and the deputy head of Development, Jose Maria Lopez, said that Habanos, S.A. remains committed to offering the best experience, exclusive products, novelties, and all of this under the umbrella of quality, tradition and unique origin.

Such elements turn Havana cigars into a luxury product appreciated worldwide, the executives reaffirmed.

They said that cigar aficionados remain loyal to Havana cigars and have incorporated into domestic consumption cigar bands that used to be part of a more social range.

The exceptional situation experienced due to the pandemic brought about certain changes in the cigar-smoking habit, they explained.

Within the new concepts, the company was able to adapt and, together with its Exclusive Distributors, keep the passion for Havana cigars alive through its marketing strategies, presentations, novelties, virtual events, or, when possible, face-to-face events.

Another key to success was the retail concepts, based on specialization, exclusive products, and good service.

Despite the situation in 2021, at the end of the year, the company had 20 Cohiba Atmosphere stores, 160 Casa del Habano (Cigar House) stores (up to three percent), 1,217 Habanos Specialist stores, 2,465 Habanos Point stores (up seven percent) and 486 Habanos Lounge-Habanos Terrace stores.

These types of specialized sales outlets, distributed around the world, are proof of the company’s strategic success, sources confirmed.


Cuba achieves record figure in Premium cigars sales