Crash between Yutong and truck leaves one dead and 11 injured

Crash between Yutong and truck leaves one dead and 11 injured

HAVANA, March 20. A crash took place on Tuesday night on the Manicaragua-Santa Clara highway, leaving one person dead and 11 injured.As reported on social networks by local radio station Radio Arimao, the event took place in the La Paloma area.

The crash occurred between a Zil 130 vehicle belonging to the Military Agricultural Unit and a Yutong, after which the expert team went to the scene.

The latest information from state media confirms that the accident preliminarily left one dead and 11 injured, which “require the evaluation of specialists.”

In the images published on the station’s Facebook profile, the damage to the front of the bus can be seen, while the truck is on the side of the road.

According to the report, several civilians were there, as well as the authorities of the Party and Government of the territory, the National Revolutionary Police, the Municipal Health Directorate and other state agencies.

The number of accidents in Cuba shows worrying numbers during these few months of the year. One of the last events that was known was that of a cargo truck that ended up wedged against a bridge of the National Highway in the section of the province of Mayabeque.

In this case, the news came through the Facebook group called ‘Bus and Truck Accidents, for more experience and fewer victims’, where tens of thousands of Internet users meet and share data on accidents that occur throughout the country. Cuban.

As it was learned shortly after, the truck driver was alive and in good condition, receiving care at the San José de Las Lajas Hospital, although no details of his injuries were offered.

At the beginning of February, for example, three mass traffic accidents were recorded in one day. The first two took place in Granma, leaving a preliminary balance of one dead and twenty injured, while the third occurred in Sancti Spíritus, reporting three deaths.

In the Granma accidents, the deceased was identified as Miguel Zamora Escalante, a 71-year-old Cuban citizen and resident of Bayamo, in addition to reports of twenty injured people who were taken to hospitals at that time.

Further to the center of the country, in Cabaiguán, Sancti Spíritus, the third event was reported on the same day, which caused the death of a woman and two men when the tourist car in which they were traveling fell from a bridge at kilometer 323 of the National Highway.