Correos de Cuba launched new app to track mail shipments from abroad

Cubans can now track mail shipments from abroad

HAVANA, Aug. 15th Cubans residing on the island can now track mail sent to them from abroad

through the Universal Postal Service. The Main Postal Technology Center of Correos de Cuba has just launched this new service, which makes it possible to track packages from the country of origin until “they arrive at the Post Office unit in Cuba where the recipient must pick them up,” the Cuban media reported.

The service can be accessed directly from the Correos de Cuba website or from its application for mobile phones with the Android operating system (apk). The offer that existed until today, which only allowed the shipment to be traced from the moment it arrived in the country until its delivery to the recipient, or from the moment it is shipped abroad in the offices of the Cuban enterprise, is thus enhanced.

CORREOS DE CUBA, AL SERVICIO DE TODOS. Correos de Cuba amplía la capacidad de búsqueda y rastreo del sitio web .

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According to what Correos de Cuba published on its website and institutional profiles on the web, customers will now be able to visualize the package’s journey and location by simply placing the shipping bar code number on the website service tracker on

This product, developed by programmers and engineers of the Main Postal Technology Center, “increases the levels of service efficiency,” says the specialized magazine Juventud Técnica.

The process will last “about a month,” according to this publication, which explains that the duration will depend on factors “such as customs procedures in each country or the organization of the airlines which carry the shipments.”
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