Coronavirus: a Cuban drug used to treat infected patients

Cuba presents second vaccine candidate against Covid for evaluation

HAVANA, Feb. 14th Cuba comes into play in the fight against the new coronavirus.One of the drugs used to fight the viral infection that has already killed 1,380 people is the result of a Cuban innovation. This is not a miracle cure, but it is enough to make the Cuban government proud.

Interferon Alfa 2B, that is its name, is an antiviral drug chosen by the Chinese National Health Commission from among 30 other drugs to fight the new coronavirus.

This molecule was one of the first to be developed by Cuban biotechnology in the 1980s, in particular thanks to cooperation with the United States. It is used for viral infections caused in particular by HIV, the papillomavirus or in certain cases of cancer and hepatitis.

We read that 1,500 patients would have been cured of the coronavirus thanks to this Cuban antiviral … It is not the case, because this drug strengthens the immune system but it does not cure the new coronavirus.

A medicine made in China

Interferon Alfa 2B is a Cuban pharmaceutical innovation, now made in China by the Chang-Heber joint venture. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical cooperation has been developing with China for more than 15 years, and Cuba intends to strengthen it, since it is currently bringing the island a loan of $ 210 million and in the industry the equivalent of $ 30 million per year.

The use of the interferon Alfa 2B to fight this epidemic is, therefore, a source of satisfaction for the Cuban government, which hastened to recall its authorship on social networks.