Copa Airlines Increase Daily Flights to Havana

Copa Airlines will operate with few flights after authorization from the Government of Panama
HAVANA, Mar 30th  (PL) Copa Airlines has increased to eight its daily flights to Havana’s Jose Marti, thus providing a greater opportunity for Cuba”s connectivity with Panama and Latin America, assured one of the executives of the Panamanian airline here today.

Speaking to Cuban journalists, the director for Central America and the Caribbean, Bernardo Ordas, said that this measure results in more opportunities for business development and tourism on the island, in addition to strengthening the existing air bridge between Panama and Cuba.

He stated forward that this increase should continue in the future, given the positive results in the movement of passengers from Cuba to Latin America and vice versa.

The airline also offers two weekly flights to the eastern province of Holguin and four to the central city of Santa Clara, in Villa Clara, frequencies that could increase in the future, while not ruling out the possibility of introducing a new destination.

Ordas explained that in addition to guaranteeing the transportation of people, Copa also offers cargo service; however, the airline’s main business is to mobilize passengers with their luggage, which occupies an important capacity in the flight, he stressed.

In response to Prensa Latina question, he assured that ‘Copa has not stopped growing in recent years, as we try to be the airline that best connects the Americas, so today we have 81 destinations in 33 countries.

He said that this year they plan to include Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, in their list of destinations, which could be joined by other cities on the continent.