Cooperative turns plastic waste into lumber

Cooperative turns plastic waste into lumber

HAVANA, Aug. 25th Like other countries, Cuba is dealing with plastic pollution that has washed

upon its beach shores and river basins.
A group of industrious people in western Matanzas province, some 100 kilometers from Havana, is collecting and recycling plastic waste. They are members of the cooperative A-3, which produces plastic lumber from recycled plastic waste.

CGTN’s Luis Chirino met with cooperative president Jose Antonio Soto at a cultural center on the Bay of Matanzas, where the employees are building a plastic wood platform.

Soto said, “The cooperative is a more advanced kind of society-oriented work. I say this because each one of us is aware of the impact of our work on society, the environment, and our own families.”

Following collection and classification, all plastic pieces go to the milling machine and eventually shaped into plastic lumber.

Main plastic wood products of A-3 include benches for public areas, pergolas, walkways, trash baskets, and others commercialized at the local market, particularly in recreational and tourist facilities.

Soto said, “What makes our products unique is that they are all made from plastic waste. Unlike other producers, we do not use raw materials.”

In tourist centers in Matanzas, including the popular Varadero Beach, former cement benches have been replaced with others made from plastic lumber.

A-3 hopes that its environmental work will help reduce plastic pollution in the country as it continues to produce ecological products made from plastic waste.