Constructive priorities in Cuba

Constructive priorities in Cuba

HAVANA, February 4. In a context marked by the lack of almost everything necessary for the construction of housing, an argument used by the Cuban Stateto address repeated non-compliance with its own policy to improve the housing fund; In a context like this, that a province in this same country allocates 14 tons of cement to a welcome sign is, to say the least, alarming.

That was the amount used, according to the local press, to raise the 14 letters that make up the name of Sancti Spíritus in a type of monumental sculpture located at the access roundabout to the city for those traveling along the Central Highway from the West to the East.

The installation has generated controversy, especially among Cubans who have been waiting for years for a halfway decent home and who the State asks year after year to understand the lack of resources that suffocates the economy and keeps them as pending cases.

This is how Néstor Borroto González, head of the Provincial Housing Directorate, explained that at the end of 2023 in Sancti Spíritus only 1,673 constructive actions will be completed, including 1,053 new works, although 83 percent were carried out by the people. by the so-called “own effort” and only 17 percent was built through state means.

According to the manager, the year was marked by the deficit of energy carriers and “the shocking lack of cement and steel”; a shocking lack that did not affect the expense required to cast the 14 letters that welcome the territory.

This last stage was so complicated, Borroto González pointed out, that it is the year in which the least number of properties has been built in the last decade and, within that small number, there is the smallest number of state homes and basic housing cells delivered in all the times.

The 14 tons of cement used in the 14 letters of Sancti Spíritus reveal, better than any report, where the priorities lie.