Collection of British fashion designer will be exhibited at the Cuban Art Factory

HAVANA, Oct 15 (PL) British designer Natalie Wildgoose’s Children in the Garden fashion collection will be exhibited at the Cuban Art Factory, on the occasion of the British Culture Week that takes place here.

The presentation is scheduled for the day 20 at 21:00, local time, in the ship 3 of the installation and is included in the celebrations for the Day of Cuban Culture.

The designs were previously presented at the National Museum of Fine Arts, also in the framework of this day held on the island until October 27 to promote cultural relations between the two nations.

During the exhibition, Wildgoose spoke with Prensa Latina and expressed its satisfaction and pride for the result of the parade, while thanking the Embassy of Great Britain in Cuba and the organizers of the event for the opportunity to share their art.

I think it’s fantastic, I had a very beautiful welcome, the people here were very helpful, without them I would not have been able to do it, everything has been good and pleasant, “he said.

The novel star of British design, which already has a piece exhibited at London Fashion Week, said she felt interested in knowing more about fashion on the island and the work of its creators.

I have seen only some online shows about fashion in Cuba, as a way of inspiration, but I would definitely like to know more, he confessed.

About the collection, designed this time only for females, explained that it is a part of its essence, a reflection of the conflicts and concerns that the human being experiences when reaching adulthood.

It has four different themes, among them the rebellion, the infantile and playful stage of the human being, all of them related to the British culture and tradition, he said.

In addition, he added, there is a lot of nostalgia for my own childhood, things I did in England while growing up, for example John Water’s WaterHouse painting as well as a Scottish heritage.

According to Wildgoose, the show will have a replacement along with another show during the Art and Fashion event that takes place in Cuba during the month of November.