Classic,renovated and Wonderful 504th anniversary of Havana

Habana clásica, renovada y Real-Maravillosa de aniversario

HAVANA, Nov 11 The campaign for the 504th anniversary of the founding of the Villa de San Cristóbal of Havana began with a widerenovation plan released today by the institution in charge of the Historic Center.

In a press conference, the Director of Communication of the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana (OHCH), Magda Resik, introduced the meeting with an explanation about the current effort to rebuild the capital, and the entire network of buildings and system existing heritage in this former town, whose birthday is November 16.

Our Eusebio Leal said: “If they break this or damage something tomorrow, we will restore it again,” Resik recalled in the absence of the one recognized as the “eternal historian.”

We must raise citizen awareness in favor of protecting the urban environments of Havana and taking care of, from the OHCH, everything that this city means to heritage, the television host also stressed.

Also present at the conference was the Director of Investments of the OHCH, Johanna Aedo, who explained the vast reconstructive project carried out to resume damaged works of many years, even centuries, as well as undertake the delivery of properties for families of the Historic Center and workers from the aforementioned office.

The director of Cultural Management of the entity itself, Katia Cárdenas, also referred to some of the actions that are currently established to complete these works, such as the plazas, the mapping of community cultural initiatives, and work with children.

Leal said that there was no possible development without access to culture and without the involvement of the entire community, and with the training of all local actors, spaces can be gained little by little for the future of the Historic Center of Havana. Cardenas recalled.

Among the festivities are visits to museums, exhibitions dedicated to the city on its 504th birthday, and musical proposals, such as the Classical Havana Festival, among others, all to improve, both artistically and constructively, this great ancient work and, at the same time, rejuvenated Cuban city.