Cimex temporarily interrupts fuel sales due to price changes

Cimex temporarily interrupts fuel sales due to price changes

HAVANA, March 1. The Cimex corporation announced a “temporary interruption” in the sale of fuel in its service centers due to the readjustments due to the price change established by the Cuban government.For this reason, starting this March 1, 2024, at noon. Sales were stopped in all establishments, as indicated by the company through its profile on social networks.

The text indicates that the interruption is necessary to carry out the procedures and adjustments required for the price modification.

In addition, they assured that the restoration of fuel sales will be carried out gradually in each of the service centers, as they complete these procedures.

The Cuban authorities announced that starting this Friday the new fuel prices will begin to be applied in the country, as well as the new electricity rate for high consumers.

The ministers of Finance and Prices, Energy and Mines, the vice minister of Economy and Planning and the vice president of Cimex recently announced the measure, after the government itself had reversed the measure so questioned by the Cuban population.

Mildred Granadillo, first vice minister of the Ministry of Economy and Planning, stated that due to a “cybersecurity incident,” once the affected computer systems are restored, “retail fuel prices will be updated.”

According to them, the measure, like others, is aimed at rectifying “a group of distortions” present in the economy, in addition to the fact that the country finds the acquisition of fuel very complex because they are imported products.

For his part, the Minister of Finance and Prices, Vladimir Regueiro Ale, added that to this difficulty is added the much-used “impact of the commercial and financial blockade”, the international economic crisis derived from Covid-19 and the arms conflicts. in the world.

“To date, prices do not recognize the real costs the country incurs. They were outdated prices and generated subsidies from the State Budget.

We know that this has consequences on the costs of production processes. The measure in itself has an inflationary impact, however, there is a group of decisions that mitigate its impact,” confirmed the manager.

The new prices will apply only to fuel sold at retail: 156 pesos or $1.30 for special gasoline instead of 30 pesos; regular and diesel at 132 or 1.10 and engine at 114 pesos or 0.95 dollars (instead of 25 and 20 pesos, respectively).

The state-run Cubadebate site clarified that since changes in wholesale prices do not apply, the fare of private carriers should not increase. In the case of the sale of liquefied gas, the application of price increases was postponed for the moment.