CIMEX Financial. S.A. presents Classic Card nominated in USD

CIMEX Financial. S.A. presents Classic Card nominated in USD

HAVANA, 23 Jan. CIMEX Financial. S.A. informs its clients of the launch of a new financial product, the Classic Card nominated in USD, which can be acquired and used starting January 24,   throughout the country’s commercial network that has point-of-sale (POS) terminals. ). This product incorporates technical-commercial characteristics that distinguish it from other services and will contribute to the digitalization process that the country is developing.


Valid for the purchase of goods and services in the country’s commercial network, retail and wholesale, that have a point of sale (POS) terminal and for imports. As well as for the acquisition of fuels in the new network of service centers in USD.
Financial product aimed at both nationals and foreigners, with exclusive use in the national territory.
The customer can purchase the card for a sale price of 4.00 USD (Or in foreign currencies accepted in the country at the current exchange rate).

They are purchased in the CADECA network or can be ordered from abroad through the website and collected at FINCIMEX offices throughout the national territory. The national and foreign distribution networks will gradually expand.

Issued without preset amounts and a mandatory minimum balance, the client is free to decide the amount to be credited. They are rechargeable from abroad through the website or by crediting cash in USD in the CADECA network (Or in foreign currencies accepted in the country at the current exchange rate).

In the Isla de la Juventud Special Municipality, they can be purchased and recharged at the Popular Savings Bank, as there are no CADECA establishments in the territory.

Non-personalized cards. It is a card that offers a high level of security, for its use in the commercial network, the use of the PIN will be required, without the customer’s identification being necessary.
Valid for 5 years.
Balance is non-refundable in case of departure from the country. You can withdraw cash in CUP in the CADECAS and Bank network.
When making purchases using the new Classic Card, customers will obtain discounts and other incentives.
Attention to holders through a 24-hour Call Center.
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