Chinese e-commerce store begins operations in Cuba

Chinese e-commerce store begins operations in Cuba

HAVANA,  Dec 12  The Cuban Chamber of Commerce reported today on the opening of the e-commerce store Dofimall, of the Chinese company Picla, in alliance with the Cuban company Desoft Aplicaciones Informaticas, with more than 6,000 products online.

In a Facebook post, the Chamber of Commerce explained that the new platform offers a wide range of products to the Cuban market, including vehicles, parts, toys, textiles, machinery, technology and food, which are already available in the country.

The platform allows for inter-company relations as part of the China-Latin America Industrial Park (Picla) project, which was presented in that Asian nation last November and attended by Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero.

According to information provided by Desoft Habana to Granma newspaper, Dofimall intends to become the largest digital supply chain in the country and has digital customs clearance and an exclusive route from China to Cuba.

Qiaoming Huang, president of Picla, highlighted the importance of the Picla-Cuba industrial park as a result of strategic alliances in the country.

Dai Xiaodan, chief technology officer of Dofi Information and main developer of Dofimall, thanked Desoft and said that the project achieved a closed circuit that includes logistics, which reduces the cost of products and shortens delivery times.

Dofimall has more than a hundred suppliers that cover more than 80 % of the products that are marketed daily in the Caribbean nation, of which more than a thousand are high-demand products that companies in Cuba acquire frequently.