Chinese company sells LED street lighting to Havana

 havana-live-LEDHAVANA, October 30 (acn)  China is exploring business opportunities in the Cuban electricity sector through sales of LED street and domestic lighting.

The sales director of China’s Zhejiang Yabao Limited corporation told reporters that the lamps may last up to 50 thousand hours as they are made out of materials appropriate to withstand the island’s high temperatures.

The Chinese company has already made contacts with several Cuban enterprises in the electricity sector, the executive said and added that the upcoming Havana International Trade Fair, opening November 2, will offer opportunities to make contacts and relations with Cuban companies and with foreign entities.

LED technology contributes a considerable energy and fuel saving, said Raul Yhebra, chief of the technical group with Havana provincial office for the rational use of energy. The new lamps have already been installed along Havana’s sea front drive and others will soon illuminate important Cuban thoroughfares.