China invest in modernization and expansion of seaport in Santiago de Cuba

havana-live-bahia-santiago-de-cubaHAVANA, Jan. 12th China invest in modernization and expansion of seaport in Santiago de Cuba. The preparatory work for the project began in late 2015 and the active phase of construction will begin in mid-2016.

The Chinese government granted loan of 100 million USD for investment into the port and all work will be carried by the Chinese company China Communications Construction Company. The project include building of 230-meter long pier, new cargo handling equipment and most modern cranes for unloading of cargo ships.

The seaport in Santiago de Cuba will have also improved infrastructure, as will be build railroad tracks, larger roads, logistics and warehouses, which will be integrated into the infrastructure of the local area.

The Bay of Santiago de Cuba will be dredged at depth of 11.00 m, making the port capable for handling cargo vessels with deadweight up to 55,000 DWT. The improvement will extend the capacity of the port and will make it more convenient for Cuba trade. Currently the port has capacity for ships with deadweight only 25,000 DWT.

“Modernization and expansion of the seaport in Santiago de Cuba will give an impetus to the development of the Cuban economy”, said the head of the seaport, Leonardo Naranjo. “It will significantly increase the volume of exports and imports, also will boost the local economy by creating new jobs”, added he.

Sanyago de Cuba is the second largest city in Cuba, located on 900 km from Havana. The seaport is second largest in the country, as in 2014 was opened the Mariel, constructed by government investment of 260 million USD.