China and Cuba to Increase Cooperation in Film Industry

HAVANA, Feb 10 (PL) Cuba’s ambassador to China, Miguel Angel Ramirez and the head of the Shinework Picture film company, Jonathan Shen, agreed here today to expand cooperation in the film industry.

During a meeting held at the diplomatic headquarters of Cuba, the parties discussed the possibility of film and television cooperation between the two countries.

Shen, leader of the renowned Chinese corporation with outstanding productions such as the film Kung Fu – Yoga, starring Chinese actor Jackie Chan, expressed his intention to promote collaboration in this sector and advocated exposing Cuban culture to the national public through cinematography.

By its part, Ramírez valued the great cultural level of the Cuban people, whose public he cataloged as cinema lover and critic.

The Cuban diplomat said that the seventh art has its greatest exponent in Havana Film Festival, held every year on the Caribbean island.

The representatives of both nations reaffirmed their willingness to work together to promote successful cooperation in this area, resulting in a beneficial cultural exchange between the two countries.

The first film, the result of the film cooperation between China and Cuba, ‘Amor en La Habana’, started shooting in Barrio Chino (Chinatown) in the capital of the island in 2016.