Chefs and Artists from Five Countries to Interact in Havana

HAVANA, Dec 29th  (PL) Experts from five countries will interact here from January 8 to 10 in the 2019 Gastrocult academic program that will be dedicated to India, said the president of the organizing committee, Lis Cuesta.

Chefs, artists and lovers of Cuban cuisine from Mexico, Peru, Spain, India and Cuba will meet at the recently opened Hotel Packard, in Havana, with the purpose of creating alliances between art and cuisine through conferences, tasting events, ‘cooking shows’ and artistic shows.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Cuesta, who is the manager of academic services for Cuba’s Cultural Tourism Agency Paradiso, said that it is not an event but an annual meeting to highlight Cuba’s culinary identity.

He said that in three days of work, master classes will be given by renowned national and international chefs, as well as presentations of specialized literature and a special conference on climate change by Miguel Torres, manager of the Spanish wineries of the same name.

He added that registration is open to all interested parties, especially those who are directly linked to the culinary arts in the state and private sectors.

The concerts will be in charge of popular local artists such as Alaín Pérez, Haila María Mompié, Juan Guillermo Almeida and the charismatic singer-songwriter Kelvis Ochoa.

Indian Ambassador to Cuba Madhu Sethi noted that she was honored with the dedication and commented on the visit of two renowned Indian chefs who will bring spices and condiments from her country so that people can taste Indian food along with fresh products from the Cuban basket.

The Cuban program is included in the celebrations for Mahatma Ghandi’s 150th birthday.

Gastrocult 2019 is sponsored by the Federation of Culinary Associations of Cuba, which brings together more than 70,000 members and will hold an International Gastronomic Festival in October 2019.