Central Bank of Cuba denies that ATMs dispense counterfeit bills

Banco Central de Cuba denies that ATMs dispense counterfeit bills

HAVANA, Aug 1. The Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) assures that the publications on social networks and non-state media about 100 and 1,000 CUP bills with an error in their printing or false.According to that entity, until yesterday afternoon “no clients with this situation have been received at bank branches.”

The Bank’s text also states that in the case of banknotes dispensed by ATMs and presenting difficulty in printing, affected customers can go to the nearest bank branch.

“It is suggested that the population follow our official sites and channels so that they are kept informed,” ends the publication on the official profile of the BCC on social networks.

Several Internet users took advantage of that same publication to ask the BCC to work in order to guarantee cash at ATMs.

On the other hand, one person questioned whether the fact of not receiving those bills with problems at bank branches is proof that they do not exist.

The BCC’s response comes shortly after several complaints on social networks from people who claimed to have received single-sided printed bills at ATMs.

Once these complaints were published on social networks, the non-state media and other users also turned their attention to another palpable reality on the island: the lack of cash and the need to expand the network of ATMs in the country, due to how difficult it is to turns out to access their services.