Celebrating the 180th anniversary of the arrival of the railroad to Cuba

HAVANA, Nov 20 (Cubanet) This Saturday, November 18, the 180th Anniversary of the arrival of the railroad to Cuba was celebrated in Bejucal.

The Caribbean island was the first country in Latin America to have this means of transport, making the 27.5 km train journey between the cities of Havana and Bejucal on November 19, 1837.

The event was attended by senior officials and managers of Ferrocarriles Cuba who traveled by train from Havana using the same 180-year-old route to commemorate the anniversary.

Several cultural activities were carried out, including the Drums of Bejucal and Zancos Malayos, icons of the municipality that was founded in 1713, constituting one of the first villages around Havana.

The development of the railways in Cuba had as a driving force the sugar industry, which needed an efficient means of transport for the transfer of sugar and honey to the ports for export, although 180 years later Cuba does not have a great railway development and its technology is “very backward” according to some experts.

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