Cayo Coco hotel to offer Wi-Fi in every room

 havana-live-cayo-cocoHAVANA, may 26  Cuba’s first hotel to offer Wi-Fi in every room won’t be in Havana but rather at a beach resort in Cayo Coco on the north side of the island nation.
French company Accor Hotels, which operates international brands Sofitel, Pullman and Novotel, last week made the Wi-Fi promise in announcing that it plans to open the luxury Pullman Cayo Coco Hotel in November.

The idea of a luxury resort with Wi-Fi is part of making Cuba more attractive to visitors. Recently relaxed rules for U.S. travelers have opened the door to American interest, but just how much do we want to go?

Travel agency company Travel Leaders Grouprecently asked more than 3,300 Americans whether they would be interested in visiting Cuba if all U.S. government restrictions were lifted.
Eight percent of U.S. respondents said “I’d go immediately” — a figure up slightly from 2014 findings.

Thirty-five percent said they would consider going, an increase of about 3% from 2014. But 39% said they have no interest in going.

The company also asked respondents for their “ultimate dream international destination.” Australia tops the list, followed by Italy, Ireland, New Zealand and taking a cruise to Europe.