HAVANA, Feb. 16th The director of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language (RAE) and president of the Association of the Academies of the Spanish Language (ASALE), Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 16th (Sputnik)   Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy, Adm. Nikolay Yevmenov, will start a six-day working visit to Cuba on Sunday, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry informs. Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 14th  (Reuters) – Venezuela’s state energy firm PDVSA has been shipping more oil this month to close ally Cuba, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 14th Cuba comes into play in the fight against the new coronavirus. Read more

HAVANA, February 13 (PRNewswire) Havana is hosting the XXII Habanos Festival, the largest international event for fans of the best tobacco in the world, Read more

 HAVANA, Feb. 13th  (Sputnik) Moscow is ready to study Havana’s possible offers on further strengthening the Cuban defence potential, Russian Ambassador to Cuba Andrey Guskov said. Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 12th The Cuban government is seeking to “improve” passenger transportation, one of the island’s population’s most constant complaints, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 11th Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York who until 2013 presided over the United States Episcopal Conference, Read more

HAVANA,Feb. 11th (Reuters) Cuba failed to meet payments last year on its restructured debt to wealthy nations, putting a deal with the Paris Club of creditors in jeopardy, Read more

 HAVANA, Feb. 10th, Feb 10 (PL) The consulate of Cuba in the Dominican Republic arrived in the province of La Altagracia, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 10th The law that will regulate fishing in Cuba, passed in July last year, was published this Friday in the Gaceta Oficial Ordinaria No. 11, Read more

HAVANA, Feb 9th The Cuban authorities, as well as various academic media, have focused on the decline of American tourists, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 7th Cuba is home to some of the most stunning beaches you will ever come across! Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 7th The Cuban authorities announced Thursday that the population will be able to import cars as soon as possible, Read more

HAVANA, February 5. TASS  Russia and Cuba work together on large-scale projects in energy and metallurgy, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 5th (Reuters) – The chief executive officer of Melia Hotels International has been banned from entering the United States over the company’s business in Cuba, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 5th (AFP) US sanctions against Cuba have made life tough for producers of the island’s signature alcoholic drink, rum, Read more

HAVANA,Feb. 4th  InterCaribbean Airways is pleased to announce 2 more weekly frequencies connecting Kingston, Jamaica to Havana. Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 3th  Those wooden pallets you see holding products in some stores or wasting away outside, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 3rd Cuban authorities are drawing up regulations and laws to legalize thousands of small, private businesses and their employees. But a suspicious bureaucracy views them as counter-revolutionary and hinders progress.

HAVANA, Feb. 3th  American Airlines (AA) requested from the U.S. government two new routes to Havana, raising its daily flights to and from the Cuban capital from six to eight. Read more

HAVANA, Ja. 31th From the struggle against imperialism to the “soft power” of mass tourism, Cuba’s soul and the island’s identity conflict land in Sundance with Epicenter, Read more

H AVANA, Jan 29 (PL) Despite the suffocating effects of the tightening of the US blockade against Cuba, authorities are negotiating more than 1.2 billion dollars in foreign investment, a reliable source confirmed. Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 29th Three girls died this Monday in Havana as a result of the collapse of a balcony of a building in the Jesús María neighbourhood, in Old Havana, the Cubadebate site reported, Read more

HAVANA, Ja. 28th A powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake has struck in the sea south of Cuba, triggering a tsunami warning for Cuba, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Read more

HAVANA, Ja. 28th The Mexican meat processing company Richmeat, with a potential production capacity of 400 tons, Read more

HAVANA, Ja. 27th. (HT) As of February 2020, Cuban citizens will need to pay a fee of €80 instead of €60 as they did so far, when applying for a Schengen Visa from Cuba. Read more

HAVANA, Ja. 24th (HT)  In 2019, Cuba declared tourism one of the six strategic sectors of the National Economic and Social Development Plan for 2030. Read more