HAVANA, March 6th  (AP) — Business was booming for a trendy little clothing shop called Clandestina in the heart of Old Havana, Read more

HAVANA, March 4th (Reuters) Eighty U.S. House of Representatives Democrats urged President Joe Biden on Tuesday to repeal Donald Trump’s “cruel” Read more

HAVANA, March 4th  An interesting thing that sets the Juan Darian Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), in the Jarahueca region of the Sancti Spiritus province in the country’s interior, Read more

HAVANA, March 3rd Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel recently announced the country’s most sweeping market liberalization in decades. Read more

HAVANA, March 2nd. The worldwide Covid vaccine rollout has gone anything but smoothly, with only a handful of countries able to immunize even 10% of their populations yet with a first dose. Read more

HAVANA, March 1st It seems that COVID-19 is gaining momentum, and these past twelve months confirm this, and it won’t stop until the entire population gains immunity. Read more

HAVANA, March 1st. The EU has asked its ambassador to Cuba to explain why he signed an open letter asking the US to stop being “hostile” to Havana. Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 27 Cuba surpassed 100 COVID-19 related deaths in a month for the first time, the country’s Ministry of Public Health reported on Saturday. Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 27th (Reuters)   Cuba has approved a long called-for decree on animal welfare in what some rights activists are hailing as an unusual Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 27th Four cruise companies sued under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act for allegedly trafficking in stolen property Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 26th Cuba began industrial production of the Abdala COVID-19 vaccine candidate to ensure the doses required in the third phase of clinical trials, Cubadebate reported. Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 26  Delbis Utria, who resides in Havana’s Arroyo Naranjo district with her husband and adolescent son, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 26th The eighth edition of the Portfolio of opportunities for foreign investment in Cuba for 2021, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 25th The third phase of clinical trials of the Soberana 02 COVID-19 vaccine will start in Havana next month, executives of the Finlay Vaccine Institute Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 25th The 670 infections from the SARS-CoV-2 virus reported until midnight this Tuesday represent the lowest figure in the last 21 days, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 24th The political and economic isolation that Cuba has suffered in the last 60 years protected the island from invasive species, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 23th American telecom development firm Ocean Networks Inc has begun building a submarine cable system linking Panama to the US state of Florida. Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 23th In recent weeks, Havana has become the epicenter of the contagion of the new Coronavirus in Cuba, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 22 The state-owned company Transtur recently announced the incorporation of electric cars for its car rental services in Cuba. Read more

HAVANA, Feb 22, 2021 (Reuters)   A group of Miami-based Cuban musicians, including reggaeton duo Gente de Zona, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 22nd  The SARS-CoV-2 virus contagions in Cuba once again exceeded a thousand yesterday, with 1,039 cases, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 21st Not far from Havana’s Plaza de la Revolucion, where Che Guevara stares out nine stories high from the side of Cuba’s Ministry of the Interior, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 20th In the tropical town of Vinales, in the west of Cuba, restaurants and lodges stand empty. Read more

HAVANA, Feb 20 (EFE) After more than two decades of “odyssey” to recover the brand and the original formula of La Tropical, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 19th Housed in the basement of a building in Havana, Adolfo Rivera’s garage may appear normal at first glance, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 19th Cuba will have its first regulatory laboratory for transgenic foods, belonging to the National Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology (INHEM), in Havana. Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 19th The Council of State of the Republic of Cuba approved this Tuesday three new decree-laws “in compliance with its legislative work,” according to the island’s National Assembly. Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 17th   People wait in line for four hours to buy detergent in Havana. Cuban pharmacies are out of pain medication. There are national bread shortages. Read more

HAVANA, Feb 17. The monetary reform undertaken by the Cuban government amid the global economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 16th (BBC) Some of the equipment at the Finlay Institute of Vaccines in Havana might be considered outdated elsewhere in the world Read more