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HAVANA, May 3rd. Cuba’s allies Russia, China and Iran are sinister anti-American actors on the world stage.

To think that these governments, Read more

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HAVANA, Apr. 30th Severe fuel shortages have forced the Cuban authorities to cancel the widely celebrated International Workers’ Day parade, which had been set for Monday. Read more

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HAVANA, Apr. 28th   “If this is going on in Havana, what will happen in the countryside?” asks a man from Camagüey after Cimex announced the reorganization of gas stations in the capital on Tuesday.

The fuel shortage, despite the arrival of oil tankers in the ports of the Island, is at the limit, and Cubans know this after the Government’s decision to suspend the May Day parade, the most important annual event .

Cimex is a state-owned conglomerate part of the GAESA military consortium. It issued a press release to give an image of transparency and to call for calm, but customers understood little about a text that delegates to others measures that aren’t taken.

Guarantee the constant flow of sales by increasing turns, appoint people to organize the work at each gas station, remind the branch heads that they must inform the population, organize “quick response services,” handle customer complaints, strengthen collaboration with the authorities to act if necessary … a whole list of empty ideas. The population barely understood one of the measures, the only tangible one:

“There is a ban on the sale of fuel in any type of container, except in vehicles for transport, up to the established limits,” says one of the “organizing actions.” The people of Havana also sensed what can be expected from the vague final proposal.

“A system has begun experimentally to improve the organization of the gas lines together with the factors of the community, and a computer application with the same purpose is in the process of being tested,” concludes the Cimex note.

Hours later, in the Havana Tribune, the president of the Popular Council of Rampa, Pedro Lizardo, was praised as “a self-sacrificing, disinterested and hard-working person,” who created a WhatsApp group to manage the issue.

“It will no longer be necessary to spend whole days and early mornings to acquire fuel. In that application, the amount of fuel received by Cupet will be given, and the number of cars that it can serve.

That is, you get on the list, take your number, and you shouldn’t go until you consult WhatsApp, where you can see the numbers for the people who can get fuel,” celebrates the author, who asks for a very tall order for the country.

But on social networks, praise was as scarce as gasoline. “I understand that it’s 10 gallons per car,” one user said. I have a Polaco car; the tank is small and I can only put in 5 and will lose the other 5 gallons because I can’t bring a container. So they get the other 5, and the abuse continues,” he concluded, supported by another user.

People are burning with anger, but Ulises Guilarte, secretary general of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC), attended the television program Mesa Redonda to talk about the cancellation of the May Day parade. He called for the development of substitute activities “with a vision that embraces the values of patriotism, unity, joy, and commitment.”





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HAVANA, Apr. 22nd. A surprising find occurred recently at the Engraving Experimental Workshop of Havana (TEGH): a batch of 4,000 lithographic stones stacked in a dark and narrow space in a corner of the workshop. Read more

HAVANA, April 22nd. Guantanamo inmates who have been held for years in the U.S. detention facility in Cuba are showing signs of “accelerated aging”, Read more

HAVANA, Apr 22nd  Presidents of the Cuban and Vietnamese parliaments, Esteban Lazo and Vuong Dinh Hue, respectively, inaugurated today new investment projects in the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZED).

Both parliamentary leaders cut the inaugural ribbon for a detergent factory under the firm Suchel TBV S.A. and a solar energy park, reported the Twitter profile of the National Assembly of Cuba.

According to the ZED Mariel website, Suchel TBV S.A. is made up of the Cuban Mercantile Society Industrias Nexus s.a. and the Vietnamese Thai Binh Detergent Joint–Stock Company. It is authorized to operate in Cuba for a period of 30 years from its registration in the Mercantile Registry of the Caribbean island.

The plant has an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of detergents for domestic and industrial use, figures that will make it possible to replace more than 90 percent of the imports of this product in the country.

With an initial investment amount estimated at about 17 million 615 thousand dollars, the factory will have modern technologies and automatic control systems, according to world standards.

In addition, its processes will be friendly to the environment, by requiring low energy consumption and generating a minimum of industrial waste, argues the publication.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese investment in photovoltaic energy responds to the energy policy of the Cuban state that promotes sustainable economic development through technological innovation and the use of clean technologies.

In the Mariel Special Development Zone, two variants of photovoltaic solar energy generation are implemented: photovoltaic solar installation on roofs and in photovoltaic parks referred to the aforementioned site.

Lazo and Dinh Hue also visited production plants of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) and the Cuban business group BioCubaFarma, the profile of the Cuban Parliament revealed in a tweet.

The CIGB is a Cuban scientific research center that works in the fields of medicine, biology, the agricultural sector and the environment.

Meanwhile, BioCubaFarma is in charge of producing medicines, equipment and high-tech services aimed at improving the health of the people and the generation of exportable goods and services, as a result of the technical-scientific development achieved by Cuba.


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HAVANA, April 19th  Cuba’s National Assembly ratified President Miguel Díaz-Canel on Wednesday for a new five-year term, in a decision to maintain continuity as the island faces a deep economic crisis. Read more

HAVANA, Apr 19  A fair for entrepreneurs in Havana presented projects for the production of local wines that favor distribution in the tourism sector, a statement from the organizers said today. Read more

HAVANA, Apr. 19th  “Between 11 in the morning and one in the afternoon you have to disconnect the central electricity and have zero consumption.” Read more