HAVANA, July 18th (AFP)  Six decades on from Cuba’s proclamation of equality and despite three top government officials being black, the Caribbean island nation has made little headway on racism. Read more

HAVANA, July 17th (by Fernando Ravsberg)  Cuba, is only a few days away from ending its coronavirus quarantine. Except for Havana, Read more

HAVANA , July 17th  (Reuters) Cuba said on Thursday it will allow some stores to sell food, personal hygiene and other consumer goods in U.S. dollars and will eliminate a 10% tax on the greenback, Read more

HAVANA, July 16th  There have been a variety of recipes. But from the traditional “do-it-alls” to the “makers,” there is a perceptible technological difference. Read more

HAVANA, July 16th According to the Agencia Cubana de Noticias (ACN) news agency, a strategy to try to decongest public transportation in the city during the so-called “rush hours” Read more

HAVANA, July 15th The Cuban economy fell into a deep, dark hole in March — but it’s now climbing back towards the light: Arguably, Cuba has been the country in this hemisphere that most effectively battled the virus.

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HAVANA, Jul 14 (PL ) A federal judge in the United States dismissed a lawsuit against the cruise company Carnival for doing business with Cuba, economic and tourist media reported on Tuesday. Read more

HAVANA, July 14th Just a few hours after the first cases of coronavirus were detected in Cuba four months ago, Dr. Francisco Durán, Read more

HAVANA, July 12 (Xinhua)  To 26-year-old biomedical engineer Yosvany Pantoja, designing and building Cuba’s own mechanical ventilators was never easy. Read more

HAVANA, July 11th World Mojito Day is celebrated on July 11 across the world to appreciate and enjoy this wonderfully refreshing summer cocktail that has been made for almost a century, Read more

HAVANA, July 11  Thousands of Cubans have for the first time returned to beaches as the country has started to ease the three-month restrictions aimed at containing the nationwide spread of COVID-19. Read more

HAVANA, July 9th (HT)  This morning, I ran into someone on the street who said, “I’m going to one of those long lines.” Read more

HAVANA, July 7th  (IPS-Cuba)  Being vegan might seem like an unlikely trend in Cuba, a country that is marked by its unhealthy diet and limited food variety and supply at markets, Read more

HAVANA, July 7th A new book called “Fidel in Love” reveals the secret love story between Cuba’s ‘Lider Maximo,’ Fidel Castro, and Anna Maria Traglia, the niece of the Cardinal Vicar of Rome. Read more

HAVANA, July  6 (Xinhua)  Angel Hernandez, a resident of Havana’s central Playa district, never imagined he would be cultivating crops again after retiring, but the COVID-19 pandemic presented a good excuse. Read more

HAVANA, July 5th This July 1st Cuba officially opened its first hotels to international tourism. Read more

HAVANA, July 3rd (Reuters) – The Cuban capital stirred to life on Friday after more than three months of lockdown but there were no signs of tourists on Havana’s quiet streets while residents fretted over shortages of food and other basic goods. Read more

HAVANA, July 2th Although the United States has embargoed Cuba’s economy since the 1960s, the flow of goods, money and people between them has never stopped. Read more

HAVANA, July 2nd  The lockdown that most of humankind has had to experience to try and slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Read more

HAVANA, July 2th Ever since the Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagás in Havana, casually known as the Partagás factory, closed for renovations in 2011, Read more

HAVANA, Jul 1th ( PL) In order to promote the development of national cinematography, the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAC) Read more

HAVANA, July 1th The first biomass-fired power plant in Cuba—located adjacent to Ciro Redondo sugar mill Read more

HAVANA, June 30th  (AP) — With the coronavirus waning in Cuba, the government plans to restart its tourism industry by sending visitors to five narrow islands Read more

HAVANA, June 29th (Reuters)   In the courtyard of a temple belonging to the Abakua Afro-Cuban religious brotherhood in Havana, Read more

HAVANA, June 29 (PL ) At least 15 tropical cyclones could affect the North Atlantic area, Read more

HAVANA, June 28th  Attired in their dress blues, Mike East and two other Marine guards at the United States Embassy in Havana carried out a melancholy mission in the winter of 1961. Read more

HAVANA, June 27th  The week closed with low figures in terms of contagion from coronavirus in Cuba, but health authorities today reported the death of a 78-year-old woman from Havana, Read more

HAVANA, June 26th  The Cuban capital of Havana has provided a charming backdrop to numerous films, including Wim Wenders’ legendary 1999 music documentary, Read more