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HAVANA, March 4th  CNN correspondent in Cuba, Patrick Oppmann, reported on the presence of a Russian spy ship in the port of Havana.
“A ship of the Russian Navy full of antennas is docked at this time in the port of Havana,” said the journalist on the social network Twitter.

“From where it is docked I cannot distinguish the name of the ship, but it seems very similar to Viktor Leonov or a” spy ship “of a similar class,” he added.

Although I could not make sure it is the same, this vessel appears to be the Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov, which has been monitored by the Pentagon in recent months for its proximity to the US.

In March 2018, Patrick Oppmann himself also released images of the ship very close to an American cruise ship that was in the bay of Havana.

On other occasions, the same Russian ship has been very close to the Cuban capital. “It usually resupplies and leaves after a few days,” Oppmann said at the time.

In fact, in January 2015, it arrived shortly before the arrival of an American diplomatic mission to Havana, in the middle of the thaw of relations between Cuba and the United States.

In February 2014, the spy ship was visiting Havana for 4 days, without Cuban authorities informing them of their arrival, or of their stay.

Equipped with high technology and designed to intercept communications signals, the ship is armed with missiles and has been closely monitored in its tour of the Caribbean and international waters that border the US, as it has been seen in the nearby places where US naval stations operate.

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