HAVANA, May 29th Havana Club International S.A never stops surprising, this time with the launch of Havana Club Profundo, Read more

HAVANA, May 27th (HT) Starting June 5, Cuban residents returning from travelling abroad will be faced with recently adopted new measures imposed because of Covid-19. Read more

HAVANA, May 27th (Reuters) Mostly staying indoors due to the country’s worst outbreak of COVID-19 since the coronavirus pandemic began in March last year, Read more

HAVANA, May 27th  (AP) — The Cuban Baseball Federation says one of the players on the national team has defected a few hours after the squad Read more

HAVANA, May 26th  The Cuban government-owned enterprise notorious on social media for its exploding croquetas, Read more

HAVANA, May 25th (Reuters)   The Cuban Baseball Federation said on Tuesday the United States had granted it visas to participate in a qualifying tournament for the Tokyo Olympics that opens next week in Florida. Read more

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP) — Global charity Oxfam on Tuesday urged US President Joe Biden to work towards normalising ties with Cuba and lift sanctions, Read more

HAVANA, May 25th Cuban authorities suspended the operations of the branches of the official exchange house at the island’s airports that allowed passengers to buy dollars at the official rate of 24 X 1. Read more

HAVANA, May 24 Cuba received almost USD 700 million from the South African Department of Defense and Military Veterans (DDMV) for repairing military equipment, Read more

HAVANA, May 24 (Xinhua)   Lazaro Campos, who works as a supervisor at Havana-based Camilo Cienfuegos electronics company, Read more

HAVANA, 23 May On a Friday night at Beth Shalom in January 2020, only 70 of the 270 synagogue seats were filled — at least a quarter of them by tourists. Read more

HAVANA, May 22 The joint venture MCV Comercial S.A. has reported on Facebook that the number of Mercedes-Benz vehicles for tourist rental in Cuba has increased. Read more

HAVANA, may 22 The United States government promised on Thursday to support the “self-employed” in Cuba, Read more

HAVANA, May 21st  (AP)  People leaving Cuba can no longer change their local bills back into dollars, euros or other hard currency at the official exchange rate under a new policy announced this week. Read more

HAVANA, May 21st (REUTERS) Members of Cuba’s baseball team told Reuters on Wednesday the U.S. embassy in Havana had started processing their applications Read more

HAVANA, May 20th  (Reuters)   Soaring international food and shipping prices and low domestic production are further squeezing import-dependent Cuba’s ability to feed its people. Read more

HAVANA, May 18th So far 442,395 people have received the first dose of the Cuban Abdala vaccine candidate as part of a health intervention Read more

HAVANA, May 19th (AP)   Just over a week before the start of the Americas Olympic qualifying tournament in Florida, Read more

HAVANA, May 18th (REUTERS)  Cuba draped its health ministry with a giant rainbow flag on Monday to mark International Day against Homophobia, Read more

HAVANA, May 16th For some time now, complaints about the incorrect management of urban trees in Cuba have been frequent in the networks, Read more

HAVANA May 16th  In this video Cinthya and Edgar arrive by bicycle to Celimar located about 20 minutes by car east of Old Havana. Read more

HAVANA, May 14th (Reuters)  A crew member aboard a Cuba-flagged oil tanker on its way from a Mexican shipyard to Venezuela was reported missing this week, Read more

HAVANA, may 13th MORE than 130 US spies, diplomats, and other personnel have experienced “Havana syndrome,” according to a new probe. Read more

HAVANA, may 12th The principal director for the Western Hemisphere of the White House National Security Council and assistant to President Joe Biden, Read more

HAVANA, May 12th, (CNN ) One of Cuba’s most rebellious dissidents has spent more than ten days in a closely guarded hospital in Havana but it’s not clear what, if anything, he is being treated for. Read more

HAVANA, May 12th Sunwing is set to relaunch more flights to the Caribbean this winter, the travel giant said this week.
Read more

HAVANA, May 11 (PL ) Decrease infertility, increase in life expectancy at birth and migrations place Cuba in the middle of a Read more

HAVANA, May 11 (Reuters)  With Cuba’s sugar harvest poised to draw to a close as the coronavirus pandemic rages, Read more

HAVANA, May 10 (PL) Cuban authorities, scientists and health personnel are arranging on Monday the final details for the health intervention Read more

HAVANA, May 8th  (AP)  Colombia’s government has expelled the No. 2 Cuban diplomats in the country for “activities incompatible” with his position, Read more