CARICOM-Cuba alliance will give sleepless nights to the west

CARICOM-Cuba alliance will give sleepless nights to the west

HAVANA, Dec. 12th  Cuba is retaliating and is currently attempting to persuade other Caribbean countries to rebel against the West. President Biden might experience sleepless nights as a result of Cuba’s alliance against the grandmaster of the west

CARICOM-Cuba summit: According to Caribbean News Weekly, Cuba has advised the international community to take more action to address the political, social, and economic situation in Haiti, where criminal gangs and opposition forces are attempting to overthrow Prime Minister Dr. Ariel Henry’s administration.

Speaking at the eighth CARICOM-Cuba summit, Cuban President Miguel Daz-Canel noted that Haiti is currently experiencing “a particularly complex situation,” as has happened numerous times throughout history in the Caribbean.

Miguel stressed, “On behalf of Cuba, which is in favor of stability and peace in Haiti, and which defends the rights of its people to find a peaceful solution by means of dialogue to its huge challenges, we here today express a willingness to continue offering a helping hand to our sister nation.”

What is Cuba up to?

The Cuban president, furthermore, added, “Havana is urging other regional and international actors to help to look for solutions and concrete projects to provide resources and technologies which can be provided as substantial help to Haiti”.

For the unaware, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel had begun his tour of Caribbean nations on Saturday, which included his participation along with several ministers in the VIII Caricom-Cuba Summit which was held in Barbados.

The President made his visit to nations like St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, and Grenada. In addition, Miguel also considered these countries as brothers of Cuba, united by “close ties of friendship and a history of support in the most difficult times”.

The president has even added that a united and supportive Caribbean is our only way forward.

The CARICOM dalliance

The Caribbean countries largely accepted the Cuban president’s remarks. In retaliation, countries like SVG criticized America in a way that had never been done before.

SVG emphasized that the Biden Administration is so ignorant of the generosity of the Cuban people and so, the Biden administration is spreading falsehoods about Cuba.

In the end, Caribbean Community countries called for an immediate end to US financial blockade against Cuba and vowed to enhance cooperation. Now, this is undoubtedly a major win for Havana which is facing extreme hardships due to America’s economic blockade for decades.

Hitting where it hurts the most

Cuba’s attempt to forge a new friendship with the Caribbean countries seems to have succeeded, and this is because Havana struck the right cord with the region.

Well, in one way or another, the Caribbean countries are in a similar situation to Cuba. Gang violence is on the rise in Haiti. Jamaica, on the other hand, is a victim of the drug trade. For the US, these countries are no different from Cuba.

Still, the CARICOM members leave no stone unturned to coax the USA. But this time, Cuba appears to set the tone against the USA.

Cuba is not a big fan of the United States and is trying to distance itself from it in some way.

Cuba, like Venezuela, is a significant American and Caribbean country that has the potential to become one of the main players in the Caribbean’s struggle against the West. Cuba is luring CARICOM members because of this. The west must take this as a note of warning.