Caribbean hotel association criticizes Cuba rollback

Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA)HAVANA, June 27th The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) joined the chorus of industry critics denouncing Trump’s Cuba policy, saying that the re-imposed restrictions could stall or reverse the progress made in recent years.

The Trump administration has banned individual people-to-people travel to Cuba, only allowing such visits with licensed groups.

“If restrictions are indeed reimposed, CHTA expects adverse effects for U.S. businesses — not only for import-export companies but also for the U.S.-based travel businesses that have made considerable investments in Cuba since normalization began — and lost opportunities for those U.S. companies considering doing business there,” CHTA said in a statement.

CHTA pointed to the growth of the hospitality industry in Cuba, which has outpaced the rest of the region. “Major global hotel chains from outside the U.S. have been investing in Cuba and today manage tens of thousands of rooms. As latecomers, U.S. firms already are at a competitive disadvantage in Cuba.”

CHTA continues to support the ending of the embargo and urged that new regulations continue to encourage small and medium enterprise opportunities, both Cuban and U.S.-sourced.