Caribbean Airlines to fly to Havana from Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean Airlines to fly to Havana from Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago

HAVANA, Nov. 5th  Caribbean Airlines will reactivate its flights to Havana (HAV), Cuba, starting December 14. It will be a direct service to Port of Spain (POS), in Trinidad and Tobago, with onward connections to Guyana and other destinations in the Eastern Caribbean.

The airline is very popular among Cuban citizens who need to travel to Guyana to make purchases and carry out visa procedures.

Schedules and Frequencies between Port of Spain and Guyana

BW 476Puerto España (POS)08:10La Habana (HAV)11:15Tuesdays
BW 477La Habana (HAV)12:45Puerto España (POS)17:35Tuesdays

Schedules and Frequencies between Guyana and Cuba

BW 476 + BW 607Georgetown (GEO)21:00La Habana (HAV)11:15Mondays POS
BW 476 + BW 461Georgetown (GEO)04:30La Habana (HAV)11:15Tuesdays POS
BW 477 + BW 462La Habana (HAV)12:45Georgetown (GEO)23:10Tuesdays POS
BW 477 + BW 218La Habana (HAV)12:45Georgetown/Ogle (OGL)08:50 (+1)Tuesdays POS

*POS: Port of Spain (Trinidad Tobago)

Furthermore, in Georgetown, Guyana, passengers will be able to connect to Suriname, another destination visited by Cubans, with Trans Guyana Airways and Suriname Airways, which have twice-weekly flights to the Surinamese capital.

Caribbean Airlines did not leave Cuba while commercial flights to the island were suspended. Throughout the pandemic, the airline has worked in partnership with regional governments to provide charter services to groups of Cuban medical professionals travelling to support COVID-19 virus management in the Caribbean.

On October 31, Caribbean Airlines in collaboration with the Government of Barbados operated a special charter from Barbados to transport a Cuban medical team that completed its term of service on the island. On November 10, another special flight will be operated to transport these professionals.