Caribbean Airlines expands cargo service to and from Cuba

Caribbean Airlines expands cargo service to and from Cuba

HAVANA, July 9th Caribbean Airlines has expanded its cargo network to/from Cuba, it announced on Thursday.Through a partnership with general handling agent Aerovaradero, the airline will offer air cargo services twice weekly into Havana on Tuesday and Saturday on its scheduled passenger flights.

From there, the handling agent would distribute the cargo upon request to the respective Provinces and Districts of Cuba. Customers will have the option to transport general cargo, pharmaceuticals, live animals, and perishable goods in the belly hold of the aircraft. 

“Caribbean Airlines Cargo has supported the movement of goods between Cuba, Guyana, and Trinidad via charter flights in the last couple of years. However, this expansion to offer full cargo services via our passenger flights is a welcome and exciting development.
It will improve connectivity and increase opportunities for trade and the seamless movement of cargo between Cuba, and the region,” said Marklan Moseley, General Manager of Cargo and New Business Development at Caribbean Airlines.

In addition to moving shipments between Cuba and Port-of-Spain, cargo connectivity will also be available via the airline’s hub to the wider Caribbean, including Guyana, Jamaica, and Barbados.

Caribbean Airlines said it was supported in the start-up of its Cuban operations by exporTT which provided key linkages and facilitated the training.

With an office in Havana, exporTT provides hundreds of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) products access to the Cuban market in which Caribbean Airlines Cargo will be the primary carrier.