Can Recycling, a Novel Issue at Cuba Industry 2018

Can Recycling, a Novel Issue at Cuba Industry 2018HAVANA, Mar 13 (PL) The recycling of cans and boxes will be one of the novelties at the 3rd Congress of Containers and Packaging that will take place from June 18 to 22 in this capital.

This year we incorporate a vital topic for the national economy: the reuse of packaging beyond the recovery itself, told Yamilin Gonzalez, a director of the Cuban Ministry of Industries at a press conference.

Therefore, Gonzalez highlighted, we are going to work along with foreign partners to continue boosting these important and high impact investments for the development of the packaging industry in Cuba, such as glass containers and aluminum cans.

The exhibition fair is going to be associated with suppliers who have been accompanying us in the projects being set up in the Mariel Special Development Zone (West), he stressed.

At the congress, which will take place within the framework of the 3rd Convention and International Exhibition of Cuban Industry (Cuba Industria 2018), over 140 professionals will participate, of whom about 40 already confirmed, are foreign professionals.

We will be accompanied by countries that have taken interest in us over the last two editions such as Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Germany, and China, Mexico, and Peru, he pointed out.

Organizers anticipated that the event will also be honored by global such as the World Packaging Organization, the Argentine Packaging Institute and the Mexican Packaging Association.