Building of death?

Building of death?HAVANA, Nov 16 (By Yanelys Hernández) Havana and its fascinating architecture have left more than one passer-by open-mouthed.

Precisely the urban environment is part of its magic, where the traces of time and the thousands of stories that a city that without its boardwalk would be half empty, become latent.

Along with the sea breeze and unforgettable dawns arrive secrets that escape the speculation: the building of the coffins is not only a singular element within the urban profile of the Havanan boardwalk but it also keeps an emotional story.

Erected, approximately, in the decade of the fifties of last century and built by a presumed architect with economic solvency in honor of his daughter, who drowned in the waters of the coast about to turn fifteen.

The balconies, in the shape of a coffin and with a number corresponding to the adolescent’s age, constitute an image of this father’s deep pain; who turned the also known as the building of death, into the saddest work of the fast track that borders the sea of ​​Havana.