Buffalos have become native in all Cuba provinces

 Buffalos have become native in all Cuba provinces
HAVANA, Mar 29 (PL) Buffalos have become native in all Cuba provinces since there introduction 1980, where they took roots and make up today a strongly developing animal mass, with over 60 thousand heads.

A sample of the progress is that the recently concluded 20th International Agroindustrial Fair (Fiagrop 2017) animals of that species were displayed, which are very resistent and healthy ans have a natality rate of 98 percent.

It is an animal of high genetic value and double purpose: high milk production level (some 10 to 15 liters daily) and beef, commented to Prensa Latina specialists of the Livestock Buffalo Enterprise El Cangre, located in the western province of Mayabeque.

Buffaloes live in Cuba in fresh places, in water ponds because its skin is very thick and do not present sudoriferous glands, explained Veterinary technician Roberto Javier.

They provide much meat -he added- and when adults they exceed 500 kilos standing.

Also in Fiagrop 2017, the Livestock Business Group presented opportunities of foreign investment in the Buffalo Project, for the development in the production of mozzarella cheese, based on the milk of the female buffaloes as well as for the meat of these animals.

Such a project, in the modality of joint venture, supposes an investment of 13.9 million dollars, requiring for its exploitation the activation of 20 milk factories, in order to produce 4.7 million liters of milk a year.

That food product will be indjstrialized in a fadctory for that purpose, in order to manufacture mozzarella cheese and other by-products, which add aggregate value to the product, raising their quality and presentation in different formats.