Cuba’s Band Buena Fe Prepares Concert in Havana’s Seafront

Cuba's Band Buena Fe Prepares Concert in Havana's SeafrontHAVANA, Sep 4th  (PL) The Cuban group Buena Fe will hold a concert next Friday night, at the emblematic Havana´s seafront, for the beginning of the school year 2018-2019, informed the pianist and arranger Ernesto Cisneros.

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina, Cisneros stated that the call is for all university students and followers in general to go directly from the classroom to the concert on September 7, as it happens every year.

The event will review part of the extensive repertoire with classical Buena Fe’s songs that, in addition, will have as guests troubadours from other Cuban provinces and members of the Hermanos Saiz Association, promoter of the work of young creators in Cuba and diffuser of alternative music.

Yesterday morning, the group offered a concert, as every year, to the students of the Technological University of Havana Jose Antonio Echeverria, in the context of the beginning of the new academic period in Cuba.

Originally from Guantanamo, the easternmost of the Cuban provinces, Buena Fe emerged as a duo in 1999, with Israel Rojas (leader and composer), and Yoel Martinez (acoustic guitar and second voice).