“Bring your light”, the request of the Cuban Art Factory to avoid its closure

Havana's cultural life struggles to survive COVID-19 pandemic

HAVANA, Oct. 15  The Cuban Art Factory (FAC), one of the most popular and visited spaces in Havana, faces the danger of being closed by the authorities due

to its high energy consumption, to which the institution asked its public to collaborate, bringing their own light source.

“The Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Ministry of Culture of Cuba (MINCULT), report that the energy plan assigned to our institution is insufficient to maintain the normal operation of FAC,” states the publication, which also explains that “With the new plan we could only open 2 days a month, of the 16 of regular operation.”

According to the FAC team, their “social and cultural commitment” motivates them to reinvent the institution’s operating structure to avoid closure until further notice.

“For this reason we announce that Fábrica de Arte Cubano will keep its doors open, seeking creative solutions that do not affect the National Energy System.”

FAC’s plan not to close

FAC indicated that it has adopted the savings plans established for the state sector, limiting consumption in offices and other spaces to the maximum, to contribute to the rational use of the country’s energy resources.

FAC will keep its doors open “without using the resources of the national energy system,” says the statement, which is not known if it is known to the Culture authorities.

“Our spirit leads us to opt for the search for creative solutions without generating additional burdens, considering the impact of art and culture in a society that needs beauty and hope to continue advancing and resisting,” the text says.

“We invite our audience, artists, collaborators, friends and followers from all over, to bring their lights, to give us their support to keep us moving and creating.”

The institution assured that it would provide services on Saturday night with this help. “Tonight FAC will open only with the capacity provided by our electric generators, and with the flashlights, lamps and cell phones of the more than 300 workers”

X Alfonso, director of FAC and signatorium of the statement, said that annually FAC Program has 300 concerts, about 70 exhibitions, 60 dance presentations, theater 40, 40 fashion shows, conferences, workshops, master classes, etc.

All these activities with an affordable price of 250 cup, in an environment where access to Cuban art is increasingly expensive and high-value proposals are scarce.

“After a decade of sustained work, FAC has become a space of unquestionable sociocultural value, indispensable in the cultural route of the Island,” he said.

He also mentioned the effects on the workers who would be unemployed if the facility closed and on the children and adolescents who attend its free workshops, as well as the thousands of visitors each weekend.

“Bring your light and join us on this adventure to keep FAC beating!” the message ends.

On more than one occasion FAC has been nominated for or won international awards such as the World Travel Award, for its community and cultural value, and hundreds of people who shared the message on social networks recalled that the institution is already an essential part of the nights. and Havana culture.

Many regretted that, while FAC wants to close, the hotels, empty or not, continue with all their lights on.