Brazil airline to make 3 flights weekly to Havana

 havana-live-GOL-Transportes-Areos-Boeing-737-800_PlanespottersNet_250971HAVANA, 14 April The Brazilian civil aviation regulatory agency authorized Gol airline to make three flights per week between Brazil and Cuba, a route that is not currently directly covered by any company, official sources said Tuesday.

 otice of the green light given by the National Civil Aviation Agency, or Anac, to Gol to make “three weekly … mixed air service” flights between the two countries was published Tuesday in the Official Gazette.

Gol, Brazil’s second-largest airline, concentrates its international flights in the Southern Cone but it also serves two routes to the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic and Aruba demanded mainly by tourists traveling to the beaches there.

The airline to date has not provided specifics on its new schedule, including the days of the week the flights will be offered to Havana or the Brazilian cities from which they will depart.

Cubana de Aviacion, the only airline that had been offering direct flights between Brazil and Cuba, in February suspended its weekly flight between Sao Paulo and Havana.

Most Brazilian tourists who want to visit Cuba at present travel with stops in Panama City or Bogota. EFE