Boulevard de La Habana: artistic creation according to the city

Boulevard de La Habana: artistic creation according to the city

HAVANA, July 31 (ACN) Creators of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Property (FCBC) will exhibit and market …

his works in nine stores located in the capital boulevard de San Rafael, which is revived for the 500 years of Havana.

Raúl Márquez Llanes, director of the Havana Branch of the FCBC, explained to the Cuban News Agency that this is possible thanks to the direction of the Party and the Government in the province, and said that demonstrations such as plastic, textile, footwear, will be present, ceramics, furniture, and goldsmiths.

He affirmed that it represents a great opportunity to beautify places that were a bit neglected and give a lease to the boulevard, in addition to being a great stimulus for the creators as long as they consider it a recognition of his work, rather than a possibility of selling his works.

He also stressed that they know of the intention of several municipal governments to offer spaces to characterize them and show the productions of the affiliates.

According to Márquez Llanes, the subsidiary along with the rest of the FCBC institutions in the city, have participated in more than 55 works linked to the actions for the half-millennium of Havana, including the restoration of the iconic Coppelia ice cream parlor, the Cuba Pavilion , the National Aquarium, the Chinatown, the Monkey Estate, the Metropolitan Park and the recently opened Monte Barreto ecological park.

On the boulevard, one of the nine stores delivered is occupied by the Tinta Habana creation group, space where luminaries, accessories, and articles with prints will be offered, all solutions for the home.

Duniesky Hernández Pérez, leader of the group, told ACN that the new store will allow them to deal with the people, to see their products and know that Cuba is also manufactured and not everything is imported.

San Rafael boulevard is one of the most central and important pedestrian promenades in Central Havana, and along its streets there are commercial establishments, shops, galleries, parks, coffee shops, artisanal sales areas, ice cream parlors, bookstores and restaurants, the majority in the process of remodeling in greeting the 500th anniversary of the Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana.

The process of resuscitation of the area includes the redesign and remodeling of the pavement, the renovation of street furniture, the placement of light signs and the moment lighting in buildings, aspects periodically checked by the highest authorities of the territory.