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HAVANA, Sept 24th  On November 24, Cuba will premiere at one of the most attended events in the world. This is Le Dîner en Blanc, considered the largest and most exclusive picnic on the planet.

Up to Havana will travel members of this franchise, and their guests, but if you are not part of this select group, do not worry because you can live this premier if you already write down your waiting list through the following link.

What requirements must you meet? Any. You only have to access the web page of the event and fill in the requested fields. In Le Dîner en Blanc, despite being an event where elegance and glamor prevail, friendship and equality are basic principles. That’s why there are no VIP areas and the most important thing is to share.

Totally dressed in white, those who participate in Le Dîner in Blanc Havana will meet at various points of the city and from there move to the secret place where the picnic will take place. This, without a doubt, will be one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in Havana.

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If you live outside of Cuba and do not know how to plan your trip, the organizers have a plan. You can contact Summitour, which is the official travel agency of the event, where you will get the best options to make your stay unforgettable.

Those who dare to participate, should bring with them their own table, chairs, tablecloth, white crockery, cutlery, glass bowls, cutlery, white cloth napkins, decoration for the table, candles, dinner and drink (water, wine or champagne), as well as a garbage bag to clean the area after dinner. In the case of Havana, participants will have the possibility of renting everything necessary for the picnic through the website of Le Dîner en Blanc.

Le Dîner en Blanc arrives in Havana after breaking his attendance record in Paris on June 3. To the celebration for 30 years of this idea, were more than 17 thousand guests from around the world.

As of November 24, Havana will join the 80 cities, from 30 countries, that live each year the experience of this exclusive picnic. “We felt that Havana was ready to host such a great event as we had noticed an increase in tourism in recent years,” said Richie Miranda, co-host of Le Dîner in Blanc-Havana. Book for Le Dîner en Blanc Havana!