Bolivian president resting after ‘successful’ throat surgery in Havana

Bolivian president resting after 'successful' throat surgery in HavanaHAVANA,April 2th (AFP) Bolivian President Evo Morales is resting after “successful” throat surgery at a Havana hospital, a presidential spokesman said Saturday.

Doctors removed a “small nodule” from Morales’s throat that hadprevented the 57-year-old leader from speaking normally, spokesman Rene Martinez told the Telesur network from Havana.

Removing the lump took only 20 minutes, he said, adding that the procedure was “absolutely successful.”

Martinez said Morales was resting in a recovery room, under strict orders not to speak for at least four days.

Asked about the president’s state of mind, Martinez said it was “very good.” He said the timing of Morales’s return to Bolivia would be decided in the next two days.

The leftist Bolivian leader, in power since 2006, has served three terms, and supporters want him to run for a fourth in 2019.

He has twice been operated on for knee problems stemming from his passion for soccer, and he underwent an additional operation to address a breathing problem.