Black Automotive Executive Making History Exporting Electric Vehicles to Cuba

Empresario de EEUU John Felder cumple su sueño en Cuba

HAVANA, Dec. 2nd. In April 2023, filmmakers Peter and Pamela McNeil began producing a documentary called Driving Towards Change that tells the story of John Felder, the African American CEO of US-based Premier Automotive Export LTD, a company that has made history with an agreement to export USA-manufactured electric vehicles, scooters, and bi-directional charge stations to Cuba.

This breakthrough agreement, which is the first of its kind since the embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba in 1961, will allow Mr. Felder, a disabled, Vietnam-era US Air Force veteran to help bring a carbon-zero footprint to a nation the size of Florida and an emerging automobile market of 11.5 million people.

Driving Towards Change tells the incredible story of Mr. Felder’s accomplishments, partnering with other automotive and energy-producing firms to support his green energy initiatives in the Caribbean.

Driving Towards Change focuses on the culmination of John’s efforts, spanning 15 years, that led him to receive his export license under the Biden-Harris Administration. Planning is now underway for the delivery of the first electric vehicle from the USA to a Cuban National in late 2023.

All are invited to celebrate the premiere of Driving Towards Change and John’s unprecedented journey as an African-American businessman and advocate for a healthier, sustainable environment. The premiere screening will take place on the evening of August 26th, 2023, in Columbia, Maryland.

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