Bicicletear La Habana: every first Sunday of month

Bicicletear La Habana: every first Sunday of month HAVANA, July 8th The first Sunday of every month a group of people, mainly young people, gather and travel an average of 15 to 24 km throughout Havana.

The meeting point of the interested parties is the Parque de los Mártires, in San Lázaro e Infanta, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. From there all leave to retrace their Havana route.

Whoever has his own bicycle carries it; but for those who do not have, they have already opened private businesses in the city dedicated to renting bikes.

Prices may vary according to the quality of the vehicle, and vary according to the rental time. The route usually lasts an hour and a half.

Vélo Cuba is one of the groups dedicated to the rental of bicycles. It is, according to its Facebook page, “a company led by women, with the best specialized bicycle workshops in Havana, Cuba.”

Another bike rental business is Rutabikes, created since 2012. “Our goal was to show our city and the country in general to visitors who use the bicycle as a means of transport (…) Some of us work very hard to create routes in the city, avoiding heavy avenues and including areas off the beaten track, to really show what this city is. “Bicicletear La Habana: every first Sunday of month

These initiatives, which can be seen in any city in the world, are now also in Cuba.

Those who want to ride the city have options to have a bike.

The initiative to go out on the streets pedaling was made with the objective that people take advantage of this medium -the bicycle- to move around the city, something that is completely in disuse, and to “promote the use of the bicycle in Havana that it needs to change the pollution by air of quality and make pleasant the transport of the citizens “, says its page of Facebook.

The creator of “Bicicletear La Habna”, Jaßer Gonzá, started the project, on his own, on September 27, 2015.

“Since then, I do the same routine to meet every month in this outdoor activity that encourages us to exercise, socialize and have fun on the bike,” he said.

To this Sunday activity there are also many foreigners. All its members would like that, at some point, the authorities support them with bicycle lanes in the city.

“Bicicletear Havana makes the bicycle more attractive and brings it without traumas to the life of many habaneros, thus de-epiploying as a matter of poverty, warning drivers that we are back to use the public highway; of sustainability as a reduction of noise and pollution produced by cars, and proposes a viable alternative, “said Gonzá.
Bicicletear La Habana: every first Sunday of month

“We are still the minority and we lack guarantees such as road safety and bicycle-friendly spaces, but we are an objective alternative for the future of this city that needs to change pollution by quality air and clean streets, and make the transportation of citizens with more mobility options, “he said.